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The Wilderness and the Desert of the Real

I have about 15 hard copies in stock here in Bristol. I’m happy to meetup if anyone fancies a copy. We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it and we’re very proud to make it available now. Thanks for looking!

A book by Geoff Hall

Some of the greatest detractors from our work as artists are those who share redemption’s story. “You should quit and get a proper job!” is my favourite. However, between the calling and our release into the public domain comes The Wilderness! It is a journey marked by attrition and disorientation as we struggle to make sense of our calling in a dry and weary land. This is not the end of it, but preparation for the public, cultural domain. The good news is there are guides who can help us navigate the terrain.

“The artist wants to get to the marketplace to participate in the conversation. The theologian wants to control the conversation. The artist wants a free-forming discourse on the plastic horizon. The theologian wants to measure the distance to the horizon and make sure nobody goes beyond it.”

From the editor
The Wilderness and the Desert of the Real is a necessity for the modern spiritual thinking artist. Geoff thoughtfully dives into the unexplored recesses of the artist’s art and the relationship between the spiritual artist and the church, charting previously unpublished territories in this deeply soulful essay.

The Wilderness and the Desert of the Real is Part 1 in the 4-part series Spiritual Direction in a Postmodern Landscape by Geoff Hall.

- ISBN-13: 978-0-9568034-0-5
- 60 pages
- includes notebook section
- bookstore quality print
- Written by Geoff Hall
- Edited by Chris Lorensson
- Cover photo © Mark Hall
- Design & layout by LorenssonDesign&Co.

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