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Paper Directory Garland

Listed from Etsy via the Krrb it button.

This beautiful, handcrafted garland is made of phone directory pages. Meticulously crumpled, cut-to-size, bundled and layered onto a cotton core, these garlands look great in contemporary and traditional interiors. The many colors of the paper and advertisements found on the pages adds a touch of whimsy to this elegant decor.

This listing is for a single garland, eight feet in length. You can order any length, in any increments by contacting me.

We like to hang them from the ceiling over dining tables, swaging four separate lengths from a chandelier to the four corners of the room. Allow additional lengths of garland to hang in tails at the center and corners of a room and your room will feel as smart as a Napoleonic tent!

Every garland is unique and each is individually and meticulously crafted entirely by hand. Drape them above a mirror or on a mantle or banister or double them to create a more dramatic decoration. They are lightweight, making it easy to hang them anywhere.

Garlands are made to order and cost $7.50 per foot, 8 foot minimum. Please allow 7-14 days for construction before shipping, you are encouraged to contact us for more detailed information as we will try to meet all deadlines!

Our paper garlands vary in color, so please inform us when ordering more than one, if you want them to match.

Garlands are usually between 4 3/4" and 5 1/4" in diameter beginning at 8 feet in length.

We will happily customize these lengths to suite your needs. Again, please contact us for additional information.

Generally speaking, each eight foot length ships for about $15 via FedEx. We will work with you on shipping to find the best rate. Although lightweight, they are bulky and your shipping fees will vary by the overall length you order and your location. We always charge actual shipping cost, never a handling fee!

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