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This is a beautiful Arcoroc Purple and Star of David Vintage Glass hanging birdbath/bird feeder. The base is 14 inches in diameter. It measures 25 inches tall when hanging. It just sparkles in the sunlight!! The Arcoroc Purple glass is Vintage Glass from France. It is not painted glass. There are 4 crystals hanging from the base.This would be a beautiful addition to any garden but is beautiful enough to use in your bedroom or bathroom as a candle holder or to hang your toiletries. One client even uses hers in the window of her office as a beautiful sun-catcher. She loves the way the light refracts through the glass. She says it’s just dazzling to watch!! It is simply a stunning piece and would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift or Wedding gift for even the most difficult bride to be.

I can also make some to order in whatever color or design you wish. Just contact me and I will be happy to discuss any and all design ideas you have. If you have a special item that you would like to use, I would be happy to design something special for you. I love to look out in the yard and watch the birds eat and play in the beautiful pieces of art I have designed for them. They are really a true work of art and can be appreciated by all. I ship all over the US. Contact me about shipping. Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful and blessed day! ~ Laurie Sasser

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I am an artist, a photographer, a writer, a reader, a Wife and a Mommy. I love My God and I love life. I love creating and enjoying beautiful things!

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