Loft Office Shared Space for Daytime Professional CLOSED - My dog ate it

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Seeking a daytime professional/commercial roommate to utilize the upstairs portion of my loft. Kitchen/Bath level and top room level.
I plan to be here more than 6 to 8 years for someone looking to establish a clientele.

It’s a southern facing triplex in an elevator building (no doorman). I am Felix Unger clean! Spotless!
Wifi -Winter Utilities included (Summer air con use may require additional deposit for those months) Humidifier provided and cleaned in winter + additional heater if needed.
Bathroom for you and your clients – spotless!
Kitchen use for drinks or storing lunch in fridge or heating in the toaster oven but no cooking please. – There is no microwave. There is a hot water kettle and coffee press/Tea chest.
Use of address for your business. This is why I would prefer someone long term but not required.

I work downstairs on a computer with wireless headphones. Most phone calls are made outdoors but I am rarely on the phone. You won’t know I am there. I also travel for work so many times you may be on your own.

4 to 5 days a week (no weekends). Depending on the hours needed or type of business, number of days is negotiable. I.E 5 weekdays if it’s half days. 4 to 5 hours per day.
Hours – 9 to 5 or 9 or 10 to 6. Preferably nothing before 9 or after 6 pm. 6:30 at the latest.

The room gets a lot of sunlight! Floor to ceiling windows. Dark wood and minimalist decor. White is the color palette. A lot of green, healthy plants.
2 blocks from the express 4, 5, 6 subway. High end organic Coffee shop on the corner.

Types of tenants that would fit: Low traffic so as not to disrupt the building.
Psychiatric/Psychologist – Uptown office
Massage/Physical Therapy – No loud machines or jumping.
Artist (watercolors, pen-pencil preferred due to odors from other types of paints.) And everything is white in this room.
Professional who just needs a quiet place to work.
Or let me know what you do, as we’ll see if it’s a fit.
Great for someone who lives out of the city and needs a day time home base.

If interested, please text/contact me at 646-450-8871. we’ll chat! :)

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